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More than [textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»]18 billion messages daily[/textmarker] with more than [textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»]500 million users[/textmarker], an average of[textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»] 36 messages per user/day[/textmarker]. Of all these messages 700 million are photos and 100 million are videos.

The country with more active users is [textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»]India[/textmarker] which concentrates [textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»]10%[/textmarker], [textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»]50[/textmarker] million are found in this country. Another of the strongest countries is [textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»]Brazil[/textmarker]with [textmarker color=»C24000″ type=»text color»]45[/textmarker] million active users.

In conclusion, there are many who want to unseat Whatsapp and none has succeeded, the global acceptance it has had among users reinforces it to continue leading the instant messaging market for a long period of time.

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Current location is a static content type similar to a timestamp. This means that the location information you receive from a user indicates where the user was at that particular time when they triggered the «send location» action.

Below is a sample payload containing location information. Note that the Body={name} parameter is not required for incoming messages.

When you are within the 24-hour session (initiated by a customer sending a message to your business), you can send a customer free-format messages without a template. During this 24-hour window, WhatsApp messages containing web links display a preview of web page snippets in the WhatsApp client.

Customers can start a conversation with you on WhatsApp via URL deep links, just like on your website. If end users have WhatsApp installed on their devices, when they click on the deep link a conversation with your business opens within WhatsApp.

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CDTMow commentsIt has surely happened to you on some occasions that you want to greet a colleague at work, your family group, your school group or anyone with whom you usually engage in a conversation or want to start one in a friendly way. But the phrase ‘good morning’ or ‘nice day’ is already overused and you do not know what to write and give these greetings a little more original way through WhatsApp; well here we help you and give you a collection of phrases to start the day with positive attitude and greet your contacts.How to say good morning with style?

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